Simplicity of Solz

Solz began with a simple thought - traditional slippers have limitations.
They’re clunky, unable to be washed and lack style. At Solz we believe in
quality and simplicity of design. We love Solz because they are light,
flexible, machine washable and allow you to tread lightly.
So slip into your Solz.

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My feet are enclosed in what I would imagine as “powder puffs”, wearing my merino Solz;Both were ordered as large size. My wife Jennifer, prefers her cotton Solz rather than her merino’s at this time, so each to their own.
Irrespective, our Solz are brilliant. In our climate in Brisbane (warm and humid), the cotton or merino material available are perfect. They breath, they are light, they work with our polished floorboards, they are brilliant. Winter is coming and I look forward to seeing how they perform then.
I hope they last the wearing distance; time will tell. I have ordered 2 pairs for my 89 YO mum (I hope you can you can get them to us in time for her birthday).
Well done Carmel, you have created a great product and we love them.
Sorry for my delay in thanking you for sending me the larger size of your house shoes, size is now perfect!
To say that I am a convert is an understatement. Your product is the best thing that I have ever put on my feet. I wear suits to work all day and all I want to do is kick off my shoes and put on a pair of Solz. I will be telling my friends about your product and contacting you very soon to expand my collection.....
Thanks again for developing such a great product and one that is so unique!!

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